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quarantined and "rec▓overing well," officials said. Pigs are innocentsNine arrested for▓ selling p▓igs fed with banned chemicalGUANGZHOU, March


 30 (Xinhua) -- Police have arrested nine peo▓ple on charges of selling pigs that had been given fodder containing a banned chem▓ical, in Guang


zhou, capital of south▓ China's Guangdong Province. Prosecutors announced on March ▓18 they would charge 15 people in total, but police ▓are stil

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l to ar▓rest the rema▓ining six, said ▓a statement from Guangzhou police. The 15 wou▓ld face charges▓ involving the production and marketing of sub▓standard, toxic and ▓harmful food, the prosec

utors sa▓id. The ch▓arges could mea▓n prison terms of▓ up to fiv▓e years for thos▓e found guilty. Pol▓ice said the▓y had also revoke▓d the business lic▓ense of the Tia▓n

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he Livesto▓ck Market's owner, ▓Quanfa Food Co., Ltd. Three vendo▓rs had also been punished, said the▓ statement, wi▓thout giving details. "The ▓punishment t▓o th

e owner is the ▓most severe for a ▓market owner in▓ the history of Guan▓gzhou," said Liu Yong, director of the municipal Industry

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